Past Students

Postgraduate students

Undergraduate students

Year Name Title
2018 Kurt Spiteri Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking : A Comparative Study
Clayton Meli Analysis and Implemention of a Radio Astronomy Receiver
Peter Incorvaja Additive Synthesis using an FPGA
2017 Andrea Paul Mangion Optimization of a Mobile Robot Platform for Navigational Applications
Dylan Abela Implemenation of a Switched Pixel Antenna
Glen Mangion Radio Astronomy: Hydrogen Line Receiver Antenna
Ian Scerri Battery-Less Low Power Systems
Nicholas Abela GPU Programming
Robert Zammit Design of Affordable yet Accurate Current Sensing Instruments
Ryan Attard Improving the Control of a Three Axis CNC Machine to get more Accurate Results
2016 David Lia Software Defined Radio : Amplitude Demodulation
Maverick Cassar Categorzing the Next Generation of Analog Integrated Circuits
Dylan David Buhagiar GPU Computing
Anne Marie Deguara A Distributed Computing Framework
2015 James Grima Analysis and Design of RF amplifiers
Jethro Farrugia Development of an RTOS framework for LPC2119 Microcontroller
Joseph Attard Analysis and Design of Pedagogical Circuits
2014 Brandon Spiteri Investigating Atmospheric Parameters using Affordable Instrumentation
Eric Cassar Performance of a Maximum Point Tracking System
Stefan Azzopardi Intelligent System for Solar Water Heaters
2013 David Grima The design of Ultra-low Power circuits using Supercapacitors as the Energy Storing Medium.
Christmark Chircop 8051 Microcontroller emulation using an FPGA
George Bezzina Fast Fourier Transform Implemented on an FPGA
James Farrugia FM Demodulator
2012 Jesmond Gatt Generation of the local oscillator for a real time spectrum analyzer
Amadeo Vella Basic FM Radio Station Real Time Spectrum Analyser
Joseph Ciantar Solar Panel with Mirror Solar Tracking using Artificial Neural Network
2011 Frankin Grima Fixed Point Arithmetic Logic Unit
Johann Bondin Direct Digital Synthesizer
2010 Nicholas Formosa A High Speed Analogue-to-Digital Converter Interfaced with FIFO buffers