I am an I.T. graduate specializing in Communications and Computer Engineering, graduated in 2000. My thesis was on ‘Switched beam antenna design, Theory and Experiment’,.   My specialist areas are :

  • Antenna Design
  • Radio Engineering
  • Analog and Digital hardware design (from Transistor to FPGA)
  • Microcontrollers and embedded systems
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Telephony

  My work experience includes  

  • Electronics in automotives, especially the area of Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • LAN’s
  • WAN over ADSL
  • Design and Maintenance of small radio stations
  • Outside Broadcast units
  • Lecturing at the University of Malta and MCAST

Apart from my professional work I maintain a pro-am electronics workshop at home which is fully prepared to test equipment up to 200MHz.

Why do I describe myself as a pro-am? I do not have the resources to invest in a fully fledged laboratory but I believe that electronics constructors can build semi-professional equipment that is very good for circuit design and testing.