Unit 9 - Digital Electronics

"This unit addresses the application of digital electronics to modern electronic and
communication systems. The aim of the unit is to enable learners to understand the role and
operation of digital electronics hardware in the various functional blocks comprising an
electronic or communication system. Combinational and sequential logic functions and devices
that form building blocks and component parts of such systems are introduced and investigated.
Applications of special functions for interfacing subsystems and for enabling analogue signals
to be transmitted digitally are also explored.

This unit presents opportunities to demonstrate key skills in application of number, information
technology and problem solving."

                                BTEC Official ND handbook


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Laboratory Experiments

Pinouts for IC's used in experiments


7404 - Hex NOT gate

7447 - 7 Segment driver


7408 - 2 input AND gate

7474 - D Type Flip Flop


7432 - 2 input OR gate

7476 - JK Flip Flop


74147 - Priority 8-3 Encoder



7442 - 8-3 Decoder




Combination Logic Tutorial 1

Sequential Logic tutorial worked answers


These simulations need Proteus 6.7 or later. A Lite version of Proteus can be downloaded from Labcenter Electronics

You are welcome to modify the circuits and experiment with them

Encoder             Two Encoders cascaded together

Decoder            D flip flip application

74HC138 Decoder circuit

Seven Segment

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