Unit 8 - Access Networks

"The aim of this unit is to provide an introduction to the characteristics of the local loop and the
systems that have been developed to deliver services over it.

This unit has been designed to give learners an understanding of access networks by
introducing the associated parameters and features of the copper-based POTS and analogue
networks. It will provide an introduction to the requirements, services, systems and methods of
modern access networks which result in enhanced end-user facilities."

                                BTEC Official National Diploma handbook


Notes and resources

Evolution of telephone exchanges

Intelligent networks - Courtesy of IEC

Intelligent networks - Setup

Decibel scale

Transmission lines

Optical networks - Courtesy of IEC

Optical Access - Courtesy of IEC

Fibre to the home - Courtesy of IEC


Decibel scale

Web links - Resources on other websites

Loads of tutorials on Access networks - International Engineering Consortium (IEC)

A must have book for all Telecomm students - Understanding Telecommunications ( Ericsson )

Glossary of Telecommunication terms by the FCC

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