Unit 71 - Combinational and sequential logic

"The aim of this unit is to provide an introduction to combinational and sequential logic to 1st year HND students. Apart from an introduction to the subject, a design and project based approach will be followed. Students will learn to analyze a problem, apply appropriate design techniques, simulate the solution using specialized software and finally implement and test the system.

Also the unit will introduce programmable logic as a single chip solution to more complex problems"                             

Experiment Booklet

Logic IC Pinouts

Quarts Videos - Part 1, Part 2

Design Methodology

Designing for success

Assessment Plan


Boolean Alegebra

Combinational logic  - Truth Tables

Combinational Logic - Karnaugh Maps

Combinational Logic - Logic Devices

Sequential logic - Analysis of clocked circuits

Sequential logic Design - (Mealy and Moore state machines)

Interpreting a data sheet

Texas Instruments

Michigan State University

Electronic Design News (EDN)  

Assignment Datasheets

74LS Series
74HC Series
74AC Series


Recommended text book : Digital systems, Tocci, Widmer & Moss

Reading book :     Fundamentals of logic Design, Charles H. Roth , Amazon link

Digital System Design with VHDL  - Mark Zwolinski

Digital Design - An embedded system Approach - Peter Ashenden

Applied Digital Electronics - D.C. Green MCAST shelf library 621.3815

Datasheet links

Texas Instruments

Fairchild semiconductor

Datasheet Catalog

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