Unit 3 - Analytical methods for Engineers

"The primary aim of this unit is to provide the fundamental analytical knowledge and techniques
needed to successfully complete the core units of BTEC Higher National Engineering
programmes. It is also intended as a base for the further study of analytical methods and
mathematics needed for the more advanced option units. This unit has been designed to enable
learners to use fundamental algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and probability, for the
analysis, modelling and solution of realistic engineering problems at BTEC Higher National

                                BTEC Official HNC handbook


Notes and resources

Logarithmic Differentiation

Formula Book ( A Level standard )



Exponential and Logarithms problems

Complex number engineering problems

AP and GP problems

Power series tutorial

Taylor series

Trigonometry tutorial sheet - basic

Advanced trigonometry tutorial sheet

Advanced Differentiation tutorial

Integration tutorial

Advanced Integration Problems

Basic Integration tutorial - Worked answers

Standard Normal Curve

Web links - Mathematical resources on other websites

A very good Calculus course - Paul's online math's tutorials and notes

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