Unit 117 - Digital and Analog Devices

Summary of Proteus Simulations

ST - AN1534 - TS971 Based Electret Condensor Microphone Amplifier

Assessment Plan


1. Gain Bandwidth Product
2. Integrators and Differentiators
3. Instrumentation Amplifier
4. Band Limited Amplifier
5. Linear Power Supply
6. Buck Converter
7. Boost Converter
8. Inverting Power Supply

Important Application Notes

Linear Technology - AN11 - Designing Linear Circuits for 5V Single Supply Operation

Linear Technology - AN23 - Micropower Circuits for Signal Conditioning

Maxim - AN656 - Design Trade-Offs for Single-Supply Op Amps

Motorola - AN587 - Designing an op-amp current source

Philips - AN165 - Op-Amp Theory

Texas Instruments - Handbook of Operational Amplifiers Applications

Linear Technology - AN2 - Performance Enhancement Techniques for Three-Terminal Regulators 

Linear Technology - AN29 - Some Thoughts on DC-DC Converters

Op-amps For Everyone

Interpreting a data sheet

Texas Instruments

Michigan State University

Electronic Design News (EDN)  


"Electronics Principles"Malvino

"Art of Electronics", Horowitz and Hill

"Power Supply Cookbook", Marty Brown

Reference Books

"Op-amp applications handbook", Walt Jung


Datasheet links

Texas Instruments

Fairchild semiconductor

Datasheet Catalog

Web links - Resources on other websites

Maxim-IC : Suppliers of various types of op-amps and power regulators IC's

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